• Excellent option for corporate tours and travel, as well as families interested in the history of the American Revolution
  • Luxury travel for 6 people that includes air conditioning and comfortable seating
  • Small bus tours can help keep passengers accounted for, which is ideal for groups with seniors and children

When planning a trip, you’re going to want to consider the comfort of your group as well as factors that will help save time so you can experience as much as possible. Not to mention the ease of convenience—though what you define as comfortable, time-saving, and convenient may differ depending on your groups’ needs.

USA Guided Tours Boston offers small bus tours for 6 people, which is perfect for a family, a corporate team, or other small group to experience the rich history of Boston, MA and its surrounding historical areas. 

Experience Boston With Our Small Bus Tours

Harvard, one of the most renowned universities in the world, awaits you. Find it across the Charles River in nearby Cambridge with our luxury small bus tours, optimized for comfort while you peruse key points in American Culture. In fact, the Harvard Yard is the oldest part of campus as well as the centerpiece of Harvard’s history. Harvard itself is the oldest university in the United States, with many freshman dormitories from 1720, including offices of the Harvard president. Walking through these historic buildings will transport you back in time.

Then, when you’re done, step inside the university just next door that has proved itself a global icon for exceptional talent: The Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT). Founded for collaboration between the country’s most brilliant minds, with intent to help launch the nation’s industrial revolution, you can’t miss it.

Near Harvard Square—the place where troops of General George Washington gathered amidst the American Revolutionary War—is the Cambridge Common, a public park welcoming to all interested in relishing its history. Next on the tour is Lexington, the site where opening shots of the Revolutionary War were fired. This site, also known as the Lexington Battle Green, marked the start to the battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19 in 1775. Local militiamen surfaced from the Buckman Tavern that day, located near Cambridge Common. The first of many casualties, the fire between these two sides sparked the American Revolution.

Ride along the same path taken by British soldiers during the war with our small bus tour as it focuses on the Battle Road Trail between Lexington and Concord. Once a path tread by Paul Revere as he galloped forth to warn John Hancock and Samuels, the Battle Road Trail is the birthplace of the iconic quote “The British are coming!” Connecting Meriam’s Corner in Concord to Lexington’s eastern park, you’ll be able to witness preserved parts of the main battle road alongside side trails in the forests, farming fields, and even wetlands nearby that were traveled by the minutemen.

Visit the home of Louisa May Alcott, author of one of the most beloved books of all time, during your small bus tour through Concord. Little Women is a classic read found in homes and schools for literary study, and it is a book of which Alcott took inspiration from her own life. Witness the orchard house where Alcott developed her creativity and experience the region’s stunning, natural scenery.

Upon leaving the orchard house, your small bus tour will head to the home of Ralph Waldo Emerson, legendary philosopher, essayist, and poet. A leading figure in the 19th century transcendentalist movement, Emerson’s contributions and beliefs hold significance to American history.

Last but not least, your small bus tour will stop to view the Old North Bridge. This historic site holds great importance to the Battle of Concord. The night before battle, British troops set forth to Concord from nearby Boston. With his iconic warning, Paul Revere and fellow riders managed to alert the militiamen. From there, the historic confrontation at Lexington’s town green began.

Learn, in-depth, the history of the American Revolution and how the United States came to be with our small bus tours. Optimized for comfort, convenience, and with a tour itinerary to maximize time efficiency, your small group will journey through history in luxury.

Located in Boston, MA, our small bus tours are in the heart of it all. Reserve online through our website by selecting an available date on the presented calendar. Enjoy a safe, educational, and enjoyable tour experience with USA Guided Tours Boston.